Saturday, February 19, 2011


I went at Festival Mall for some knick knack shopping.And of course,i passed by the Etude House store and cant help shopping for some cute items.Here are the things i bought there.

This one is Lil Darling pink nail polish that smells good too.Its pale bright.Only cost 120.00

  The MiniMe Ms Ever that smelled of bouquet of fresh flowers.It really smelled nice and not to mention the cute bottle that captured my attention.Its only 698.00 pesos.Cheap eh?

I also bought new BB cream .Im trying this one if it will do good on my skin.I have a skinfood bb cream on my makeup cabinet and its almost empty.I like the texture of this one.Its not sticky.

tomorrow,ill decide on whether id go to Tagaytay for some looks to post or perhaps go to Wensha for a spa.

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  1. awwee...Etude's BBC~ I love it! have u tried Etude allover spray? it smeels so nice =D~