Saturday, February 19, 2011


I went at Festival Mall for some knick knack shopping.And of course,i passed by the Etude House store and cant help shopping for some cute items.Here are the things i bought there.

This one is Lil Darling pink nail polish that smells good too.Its pale bright.Only cost 120.00

  The MiniMe Ms Ever that smelled of bouquet of fresh flowers.It really smelled nice and not to mention the cute bottle that captured my attention.Its only 698.00 pesos.Cheap eh?

I also bought new BB cream .Im trying this one if it will do good on my skin.I have a skinfood bb cream on my makeup cabinet and its almost empty.I like the texture of this one.Its not sticky.

tomorrow,ill decide on whether id go to Tagaytay for some looks to post or perhaps go to Wensha for a spa.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I need fresh air

Team effectiveness was a blast.It was really fun playing those mind stimulating games.And the best part is DRESSDOWN!what a relief for us.
Were actually starting to get comforable with each other and all of us are pretty much happy with the training.
The trainers are very helpful and i love the part wherein we get to answer pesonality test of some sorts and the results are amazing,its actually almost scary because its sooo accurate and its sooo me.The result i got is a D-achiever.Meaning im high on the dominant side.
It was really great!!!!
After a tiring day at the office,off i went to hubby's office and since im in high spirits and in the mood for look blogging.I had him took pictures of me in Manila Bay.Just in front of my previous office building.
 my dorothy perkins bag.

 Im loving my purple sneaks bought from a flea market.The lady who sold me these said that this was a bestseller in bangkok.Look closely at the sparkly sequins around it.

I like this purple top with lace on it.Its made of silk and i love the way it fits and flows freely.Very comfy.

next week will be V day.Ill be posting more styles but im still thinking if i would be wearing red on monday.
See yah!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


what a weekend.I havent been at Tagaytay for a very long time.And im so thrilled to check out the new hotspots there.First off,sister and i decided it would be best to have a little bonding moment.Of course it wont be complete without SHOPPING!.
First thing we did was ate at Jollibee,then off to Summit Ridge and strolled along the little quaint shops there.
There are few tiangges in the area but we discovered cute finds like the vintage ring.We bought it for only a hundred
here are some of our pics taken at Summit Ridge.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


i AM SO THRILLED when my friends saved some makeup for me since they knew id be coming over at the office to submit my resignation.They stashed away some Maybeline products for me.And since im salivating like crazy over the items in front of me.I cant help but buy each and every item i could lay my hands on.
These are the items ive purchased.TADA...........

I always thought that Maybeline performs like other expensive make up brands as well.The fact that its cheaper makes me want to shop for another batch of items.

Friday, January 28, 2011

loving anything korean!!

i soo love the taste of koreans when it comes to fashion.i noticed how they love cutsey things and very girly stuff.
right now im loving the Etude House Minime perfumed mist.I first saw this at Etude House in Festival Mall.and one look at it,,,i thought OMG.I gotta have it!!
here are their cute bottle designs:
and,i was actually absent for three days and all i did was watch korean soaps!
i finished watching Baker King.Im so fond of the korean actress Eugene.Shes sooo pretty
not to mention very fashionable.Ive watched a few soaps of her..
and kim tak gu is sooo funny,

and now im starting to watch Cinderella's sister.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loving my cardigan

its been a very tiring day but yet,hubby is still in the mood for taking pictures.we thought it would be best to try out my frst look for the month,im loving cardigans lately since january is one of the chilly months after holidays.
on this picture im wearing my silk tube printed dress and of course,my brown cardigan.ive got a couple of trench coats and jackets but cardigans are more comfy and very light compared to trench coats that weghed tons.the outfit was paired with my wayfarers and my bead necklace that was given to me by my sister.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My darling Savannah

 My pretty SAVANNAH......
 She would like to become a fairy ballerina
she said shes like Angelina Ballerina.